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Life is over, when I’m dead,
But love goes on after me,
Now I know about myself,
That I’m child of destiny.

Many times I heard the sound
Of the dreamful melody,
Every time I looked around
And saw none but tragedy.

After that I thirsted you,
Like the monk wishes distant sky,
Just look rainbows in your dews-
In the emeralds of eye.

Like the Sun you blessed me, love,
But you’re far from me again…
People always see sage’s laugh,
When there is unspeakable pain.

You’re my pain, eternal life
And the wish, which never die.

15th February, 2000

Tbilisi, Georgia

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I always tried to find myself,
Because I knew, I’d find you than,
I knew, it would be difficult
To walk the way, immortals chose..
Life is hard, it’s game of dark,
True’s my sword, I have to fight!…
I don’t afraid, when I feel you,
That time my wounds are quite cured.
You look as shine as laughing star…
I can’t rich you, you are so far…
This makes me sad, this makes me cry,
Oh, please, take me to your side-
There I could make the masterpiece,
Which would warm all with love and peace…
You look as shine as laughing star,
I can’t reach you, you are so far.

Hear my prayer, golden sun,
Hear my prayer, golden sun.


Tbilisi, Georgia

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